Unfortunately our old server had served our main website well, for well over 8 years, but it gave out last night during an upgrade. So. Here we are. Brand new. Faster server. Due to how passwords are generated so that we can't see them. We will be pushing out a forced password reset email with in the next couple of hours to SOME USERS (people who haven't recently updated passwords). This is a legitimate email, and is NOT IN REGARDS TO A BREACH OF SECURITY. The exact opposite actually. Your previous passwords could ONLY be decrypted on that previous server. With the new server, new salts, keys, and other items have been updated so future passwords can only be decrypted while on the new server. This serves two purposes. Keeps any employees from decrypting your passwords (No one employee has access to everything needed to decrypt passwords), and keeps anyone who steals them from decrypting them later. While we were already under preparation to move to a new server, we had intended to do it over the holidays in December. This is the time of the year we see the least amount of people checking business emails.

Hopefully we'll get lucky and this server will last us another 8 years with NO major downtime! Any issues, and support will be reopen later tonight as we are working on redoing the email server to be more responsive on our end while we're at at.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

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